Tamara Garcia Iglesias


  • El Cuerpo De La Mujer Sin Sombra (2021)
  • Ferreyra (2020)
  • Las Voces (2016)
  • Te llamo luego (2015)
  • La madre (2009)
  • Los Faquires (2006)

Tamara Garcia Iglesias

Donostia, 2019

She was director for five years of the Aguilar de Campoo International Short Film Festival. She has produced the series MOVER MONTAÑAS, LA LUZ and EL MISTERIO DE LAS CATEDRALES for the Spanish Television and has produced the documentary series EL ARQUITECTO for the Construir TV channel (Argentina).

In recent years, she has directed the following films: LAS VOCES, UTAH, TXALAKA, EL CUERPO DE LA MUJER SIN SOMBRA (The Body of the Woman Without Shadow) and PARAÍSO; CERCA. And also different works in cultural management, ELLAS Program, 2017 for MACBA, Buenos Aires, Sequenced Images 2021, Artegunea Kutxa. And the creation of the film production company, Atekaleun, together with Xabier Erkizia sound artist, with whom she co-directed the short film, FERREYRA, and has produced the experimental feature film O GEMER (Xabier Erkizia, 2021).