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    New Film: VIOLETA + GUILLERMO (Locarno Pardi di Domani)

    So happy to include VIOLETA + GUILLERMO directed by Óscar Vincentelli at our catalog. The film will be premiered in Locarno.
    "In the future, Violeta and Guillermo recall a night in 2018 when they danced until sunrise."

    31 - Jul - 2018

  • Xacio Baño's first film goes to Locarno!

    TROTE is the first feature film of Xacio Baño, recognized by titles like SER E VOLTAR, ECO or ANACOS. In our catalog, you will find all his short-format work. After Locarno, the film will be at the Zabaltegi-Tabakalera competition in San Sebastián Film Festival.

    12 - Jul - 2018

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    Estrenos calentitos en Movistar Plus!

    05 - Jun - 2018

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    RAPAZ world premiere at La Semaine de la Critique de Cannes

    The Chilean film RAPAZ directed by Felipe Gálvez arrives at our catalog a few days before its premiere at La Semaine de la Critique.
    "Precise, dense and tense, #Rapaz makes you dive into a news story, right in the middle of the street. By choosing to have a film within a film, and using the vertical shot, as on a mobile phone, the director places the audience as potentially active witnesses of the events. As the incredible drama builds up, the filmmaker blends the energy of the latest films and a sense of urgency of somebody who wants to bear witness of the excesses of his time. This collective unbridled energy goes all the way to show the unvarnished truth of humanity." (Marie-Pauline Mollaret)

    14 - May - 2018

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    Spanish Filmmakers on the Rise for Variety

    Pilar Palomero and Alvaro Gago among the 10 Spanish Filmmakers on the Rise for Variety.

    12 - May - 2018

  • notimg/the-complete-work-of-the-recognized-animator-isabel-herguera.jpg

    The complete work of the recognized animator Isabel Herguera

    Happy news! We are now representing the complete work of Isabel Herguera. Pioneer of experimental animation in Spain and internationally recognized.

    26 - Apr - 2018