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    ALGUACER (The Sheriff) premieres at Visions du Réel

    The film directed by Samuel Moreno told the story of Fernando a Kamëntsa, indigenous and autochthonous to the Sibundoy Valley (Colombia). He is over 40, but still lives in his grandmother’s house and often parties. Now has been elected as a Sheriff and has the heavy burden of enforcing the law in his small town: summoning the accused, testifying in court or administering whippings as punishments.

    08 - Apr - 2019

  • 04 - Apr - 2019

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    Martin Rejtman arrives to our catalogue

    Rejtman is hailed as one of the founding fathers of New Argentine Cinema with films like RAPADO or SILVIA PRIETO. His last work, SHAKTI, was premiered at Berlinale and is a co-production with Argentina (Un Puma) and Chile (Forastero).

    22 - Mar - 2019

  • Yeay! Copamos el palmarés del Festival de Málaga😍

    Biznaga de Plata al mejor cortometraje de ficción BENIDORM 2017 de Claudia Costafreda. Biznaga de Plata mejor cortometraje documental GREYKEY de Enric Ribes. Mejor actriz, Ex aequo, Elena Martín (por SUC DE SÍNDRIA) y Yolanda Ramos (por BENIDORM 2017) y mejor actor Berner Maynés (por DEPUÉS TAMBIÉN, de Carla Simón).

    Muy muy felices, también porque hemos podido presentar nuestra selección más diversa hasta la fecha en el festival. ¡Cine corto, cine bueno!

    22 - Mar - 2019

  • notimg/diego-cespedes-and-vinko-tomicic-selected-for-the-cannes-cinefondation-residence.jpg

    Diego Céspedes and Vinko Tomicic selected for the Cannes Cinéfondation Residence

    The two Chilean filmmakers will be a part of the 38ème Session de la Residence de la Cinéfondation del Festival de Cannes, which means four months of development for his feature film projects at the Cannes Residence in Paris.
    Diego Céspedes received the First Prize of the Cinéfondation section at Cannes with his school short film EL VERANO DEL LEÓN ELÉCTRICO, now is developing his first feature THE MYSTERIOUS GAZE OF THE FLAMINGO.
    Vinko Tomicic last work was the short film AICHA, premiered at Guadalajara Festival, currently is developing his second feature film PERROS selected at Venice Biennale College Cinema, EAVE Puentes and now at Cinéfondation.

    21 - Feb - 2019

  • notimg/suc-de-sindria-receives-the-nomination-for-the-efa-awards-at-berlinale.jpg

    SUC DE SÍNDRIA receives the nomination for the EFA Awards at Berlinale!

    Successful start of SUC DE SÍNDRIA at festivals, the film directed by Irene Moray has been chosen as a Berlin Short Film Candidate for the European Film Awards.

    18 - Feb - 2019