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    Cortometrajes nominados a la 38ª edición de los Premios Goya

    AUNQUE ES DE NOCHE dirigido por Guillermo García López y CARTA A MI MADRE PARA MI HIJO dirigido por Carla Simón han sido nominados a mejor cortometraje de ficción. BLOW! de Neus Ballús y EL BUS de Sandra Reina están nominados a mejor cortometraje documental.

    15 - Dec - 2023

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    AITANA selected for the Venice Biennale

    The film AITANA, directed by Marina Alberti, will have its world premiere at Biennale di Venezia, for the Orizzonti competition dedicated to short films.
    Marina is haunted by the idea of losing her memory. Her grandmother suffered memory loss and now her mother Aitana, daughter of the writer Maria Teresa Leon and the poet Rafael Alberti, seems to be as well. Locked in a room which her mother has not left for some time, she insists on reliving her memories. In the silence of the night, her family’s past returns, it is the history of a country and an entire century.

    27 - Jul - 2023

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    TIMECODE available on Disney+

    The short film TIMECODE, winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes and nominated for an Oscar, will arrive on August 8 on the Disney+ platform. The film has been included among the most outstanding short films of the last decade.

    10 - Jul - 2023

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    ARQUITECTURA EMOCIONAL 1959, premio Goya al mejor cortometraje de ficción

    La película ARQUITECTURA EMOCIONAL 1959, dirigida por León Siminiani y producción de El Gesto Cinematográfico, recibió el Premio Goya al mejor cortometraje de ficción. Entre los nominados también figuraban CUERDAS, de Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren. En el apartado de animación se encontraba nominado LA PRIMA COSA, co-dirigido por Shira Ukrainitz y Omar Al Abdul Razzak, y LA GÀBIA, dirigido por Adán Aliaga con producción de Jaibo Films, nominado a mejor cortometraje documental.

    13 - Feb - 2023

  • ARQUITECTURA EMOCIONAL 1959 will have its international premiere at Rotterdam Film Festival

    The film, Emotional Arquitecture 1959, directed by León Siminiani, has won awards at Spanish festivals such as SEMINCI - Valladolid Film Festival, ALCINE, Aguilar de Campoo, and Los trabajos y las noches.

    "This charming love story – where the personal, national, and collective wink at each other – follows one year in the lives of Sebastián and Andrea, two university students from different social backgrounds. With an array of techniques that includes mapping, archival material, and a witty voice-over constantly exposing the artifices of cinema, León Siminiani builds a film that cleverly ties the development of a relationship to the role of architecture and urban planning. – Cristina Álvarez López for IFFR

    20 - Dec - 2022

  • 19 - Dec - 2022