Suc de síndria

Suc de síndria (Watermelon Juice)

Direction: Irene Moray
Screenplay: Irene Moray
Production company: Distinto Films
Producer: Miriam Porté
Cinematography: Irene Moray
Edition: Ana Pfaff
Sound: Xavi Saucedo
Music: Nico Roig
Artistic direction: Marina Pérez
Cast: Elena Martín, Max Grosse Majench

Runtime: 22:23
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Catalan
Country: Spain
Year: 2019

Barbara and Pol spend a few days on holiday with a group of friends in a house surrounded by nature. They want to have a good time and find a peaceful space where they can enjoy their intimacy.   

With the support of Pol, in the midst of nature, between tears and laughter, Barbara will heal old wounds and redefine her sexuality.

#Women #Love #Relationship #Sex #Nature #Berlinale #CatalanFilm #DirectedByWoman

Year Festival Country Award
2019 BERLINALE - Berlin International Film Festival Germany EFA Nomination