statistical hallucination

Direction: Jorge Caballero, Anna Giralt Gris
Screenplay: AI
Production company: Artefactos
Cinematography: AI
Edition: AI
Sound: AI
Music: AI
Artistic direction: AI

Runtime: 11:23
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish
Country: Spain
Year: 2023

This project is a tribute to “LaJetée”, the wonderful film by Chris Marker made in 1962.

For this experiment, we transformed the English subtitles of the film into images with the help of an AI model called text-to-image. This system generates unique synthesized images from a given text.

The music and the voice-over were also generated with the help of an AI.

The results are statistical hallucinations, artificial creations, extensions of our creativity, exothoughts, collective imaginations... that we conjugate in this celebration of his work.


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival | Spain, Apr 2023
Márgenes Festival de Cine Independiente | Spain, Nov 2023
Festival Internacional de Films del Futuro Font d'en Fargues | Spain, Apr 2023