Direction: Pili Álvarez
Screenplay: Pili Álvarez García
Producer: Pili Álvarez
Cinematography: Pili Álvarez García
Edition: Pili Álvarez García
Sound: Pili Álvarez García, Julian Díaz-Peñalver Arias

Runtime: 45:00
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Country: Spain
Year: 2022

Bad Mother is a plant (known in English as the spider plant) that throws out its children, but it’s also a filmmaker who finds her voice despite fumbling. With her camera, Pili tries to understand if she is an imposter: a filmmaker who doesn’t know how to film, a B grade mother.

This is a film about learning to be a mother, made by an aspiring filmmaker who discovers the attraction of looking through the lens with new eyes.


Visions du Réel - Nyon International Film Festival | Switzerland, Apr 2022
MIDBO Muestra Internacional Documental de Bogotá | Colombia, Oct 2022