Jo ta ke


Direction: Aitziber Olaskoaga
Screenplay: Aitziber Olaskoaga with the colaboration of Pilar Monsell
Producer: Aitziber Olaskoaga, Federico Delpero Bejar
Cinematography: Maddi Barber
Edition: Pilar Monsell with the colaboration of Federico Delpero Bejar
Sound: Pilar Monsell
Music: Martín Vélez

Runtime: 39:13
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Basque, Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Country: Spain
Year: 2020

Jo ta ke is a journey along a route of denied images, ungranted interviews, places that are not on maps, and wastelands inhabited by the persistence of one question: how do we look to the past when we are only allowed to look forward?


Festival de Cine de San Sebastián | Spain, Sep 2020
Visions du Réel - Nyon International Film Festival | Switzerland, Apr 2021
CURTOCIRCUITO - Festival Internacional de Cine | Spain, Oct 2021
DokumentART - European Film Festival for Documentaries | Germany, Oct 2021
Doclisboa - International Film Festival | Portugal, Oct 2021
Festival de cine contemporáneo Black Canvas | Mexico, Oct 2021
CARACASDOC - Festival de Cine Documental | Venezuela, Nov 2021