In a Nearby Field

Direction: Laida Lertxundi, Ren Ebel
Screenplay: Ren Ebel, Laida Lertxundi
Production company: Doxa Producciones
Producer: Ainhoa Andraka, Zuri Goikoetxea
Cinematography: Laida Lertxundi
Edition: Ren Ebel, Laida Lertxundi
Sound: Ren Ebel
Cast: Hanah Lur Ebel Lertxundi, Miren Barrena, Izaskun Araluzea, Ander Sagastiberri, Rocío Agudo, Unai Ruíz Ameztoy, Kai Ruíz Ameztoy, Martina Ruíz Ameztoy, Iraci Mara, Eneko Mantiñan.

Runtime: 18:05
Format: 16mm
Dialogues: Basque, English, Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Country: Spain
Year: 2023

A man, a woman and their young daughter live together in an apartment in the Basque Country. Domestic chores and everyday gestures are superimposed onto lush, green landscapes. The filmmakers and their stand-ins reinterpret fragments of a diary. Music fills the house while children's drawings come to life. Combining quiet observation and moments of fantasy, 'In a Nearby Field' is a film about support, heredity and the invisible little labors which sustain us.


Reykjavík International Film Festival | Iceland, Sep 2023
Edinburgh International Film Festival | United Kingdom, Aug 2023
Festival de cine contemporáneo Black Canvas | Mexico, Sep 2023
Open City Documentary Festival | United Kingdom, Sep 2023