Juan Soto Taborda


  • Parábola del retorno (2016)
  • Estudio de reflejos (2014)
  • Nieve (2012)
  • 19º SUR 65º OESTE (2010)

Juan Soto Taborda

Armenia (Quindío), 1983

Film editor, filmmaker, and archivist. He studied the three-year MA of Documentary Filmmaking at the EICTV in Cuba, he has focused his practice on film editing and film archives. He currently works at the Filmoteca de Catalunya as a specialist in Restoration and Digital Preservation. In 2021 the project MY FATHER'S PRISON, edited by Juan, directed by Ivan Simonovis Jr. and produced by La Faena Films, participates in the DOK INCUBATOR lab in the Czech Republic. In 2020 he received the award for Best Editing at the BLACK CANVAS FESTIVAL for the film INTIMATE DISTANCES by English artist Philip Warnell. He was the editor of Mo Scarpelli's award-winning EL FATHER PLAYS HIMSELF, and has been nominated twice for Best Editor at the Colombian Film Academy's Macondo Awards for Rubén Mendoza's SEÑORITA MARÍA and Ana Salas' EN EL TALLER.

His films as a director include REVELACIONES (2020), PARÁBOLA DEL RETORNO (2016), ESTUDIO DE REFLEJOS (2013), NIEVE (2012), 19º SUR 65º OESTE (2010) or EL BOMBILLO (2009). He is currently in production of the feature film ELENA DIO A LUZ UN HERMOSO NIÑO which has received support from the ICAA in Spain.