Carlos Balbuena


  • Lejano (2024)
  • Toward morning I Climb Down and Wander Back Into the House (2021)
  • Tres Quarteres (2019)
  • Elefantes (2017)
  • Cenizas (2014)

Carlos Balbuena

Santa Lucía de Gordón (León), 1975

Graduated in cinematography from the ESCAC. His professional experience has been mainly in the field of editing, where he has worked both in the field of animation and real images. He has been an editor and film critic in different publications.

He is currently a doctoral student in media at Carlos III University, with a research project on the representation of collective memory in contemporary Spanish cinema, which includes this project entitled Lejano (Far Away).

As a filmmaker, he has directed the short films UN POCO DE SAL PARA LA LUBINA (2005), DETALLES SÓRDIDOS (2007) and TOWARD MORNING I CLIMB DOWN AND WANDER BACK INTO THE HOUSE (2021). He has also directed music videos for Spanish artists and bands such as Copiloto, Anicet, and Nacho Vegas. His first feature film was CENIZAS (2014), followed by ELEFANTES (2017) and TRES QUARTERES (2019), all of them selected in several festivals. His latest film, INVIERNOS, about Franco's repression in the Montaña Central Leonesa, is currently in post-production.