Direction: Ramón Lluís Bande
Screenplay: Ramón Lluís Bande
Production company: De la Piedra Producciones SLU
Producer: Vera Robert
Cinematography: Juan A. García
Edition: Ramón Lluís Bande, Dani Álvarez
Sound: Óscar de Ávila

Runtime: 26:58
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Asturian
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Country: Spain
Year: 2022

"Camps” is an attempt to (re)build a landscape. Between 1937 and 1943 in Asturias, during Franco's regime, a recreational area and a target shooting range housed a concentration camp through which thousands of Republicans passed – first militiamen and later guerrilla fighters and their families. Sharing a pensive observational gaze with the viewer, the film attempts to resignify the space and revive its political meaning. It is not a question of showing (or filming) the invisible, but rather revealing what is absent from what exists today. What was there and no longer is, not even a trace in people's memories.


Festival Internacional de Cine de Xixón/Gijón | Spain, Nov 2022
Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay | Uruguay, Apr 2023
ZINEBI - Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Films | Spain, Nov 2022
D'A Film Festival Barcelona | Spain, Mar 2023
MUFF - Mieres Under-60’ Film Festival | Spain, Nov 2023