Direction: Raúl Barreras
Screenplay: Raúl Barreras
Production company: Kliska
Producer: Raúl Barreras
Cinematography: Itziar Leemans
Edition: Raúl Barreras
Sound: Xanti Salvador
Music: La La Lab
Artistic direction: Lle Godoy
Cast: Eneko Sagardoy, Zorion Egileor

Runtime: 14:55
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Basque, Spanish
Subtitles: Basque, English, Spanish
Country: Spain
Year: 2022

Sitting on a hill, Inaxio mourns the death of his wife through a bertso. His grandson Ekaitz seems to have been invoked by his song and returns to the farmhouse to take care of his grandfather and the animals that provide them with food and company. The two, with different visions of the environment, will unite again and face the complications of the future together.


Certamen Internacional de Cortos Ciudad de Soria | Spain, Nov 2022
ZINEBI - Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Films | Spain, Nov 2022
FanCineGay - Festival de Cine Gay y Lésbico de Extremadura | Spain, Nov 2022
LesGaiCineMad - Festival Internacional de Cine LGBT de Madrid | Spain, Nov 2022
FLICKERFEST - International Short Film Festival | Australia, Jan 2023
Euskal Zine Bilera | Spain, Oct 2022 Audience Award, Best Screenplay
Certamen Internacional de Curtmetratges de Cerdanya | Spain, Aug 2022 Best Direction
Festival de Cortometrajes de Vila-seca | Spain, Oct 2022
IKUSKA - Muestra de Cortometraje de Pasaia | Spain, Nov 2022 Mintzagun Award for Best Basque Short Film
Gau Laburra | Spain, Dec 2022
ManzanaREC Festival de Cortometrajes | Spain, Jan 2023
Enkarzine | Spain, Nov 2022