A galinha que burlou o sistema

Tastes like chicken?

Direction: Quico Meirelles
Screenplay: Ana Durães, Quico Meirelles
Production company: O2 Filmes
Producer: Eduardo Prado, Bia Crespo
Cinematography: Cauê Laratta
Edition: Alison Zago
Sound: Alan Zilli
Music: Juliano Abramovay
Cast: Cecilia Homem de Melo

Runtime: 15:02
Format: Digital
Dialogues: English, Portuguese
Subtitles: English
Country: Brazil
Year: 2012

In a poultry farm, a hen gets aware of the system that controls her life and dictates her fate. Although surrounded by millions of hens that don't share her painful awareness, she believes that life can be different.