16 de Decembro

16th December

Direction: Álvaro Gago
Screenplay: Álvaro Gago
Production company: Ringo Media
Producer: Mireia Graell
Cinematography: Lucía C. Pan
Edition: Ricardo Saraiva
Sound: Xavier Souto
Music: Xavier Bértolo
Artistic direction: Alba Aguiar
Cast: Cris Iglesias, Javier Valcarce, Fran Pérez, Diego Abad, Ruth Boente, Martín Duplá

Runtime: 15:00
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Galician , Spanish
Country: Spain
Year: 2019

Saturday. Nightfall. The ball travels quickly across the court as the players move to take advantage of gaps in the defense. Lucía, twenty-five years old, leaves handball training and sets off to pick up her brother under the lights of a city she thinks she knows.

#Women #Galicia #Violence #Educational