Variaciones de Winterreise

Winterreise’s Variations

Direction: Inés García
Sound: Jon Aguirrezabalaga

Runtime: 07:54
Format: 16mm
Dialogues: German
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Country: Spain
Year: 2018

A few months before his death, Franz Schubert wrote one of his most important works: Winterreise, a collection of 24 piano and voice pieces, published in 1828, which were inspired and composed from 24 poems written by Wilhelm Müller. It is a story through the eyes of a young man who, rejected by his ancée, escapes civilization and journeys into the winter wilderness. While getting farther and farther from civilization, his grief and the nature around him triggers hallucinations and memories of the past, which eventually cause him to lose track of time and reality and lead him closer and closer to death.


Punto de Vista - Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Navarra | Spain, Mar 2018
ZINEBI - Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Films | Spain, Nov 2018