The Night Between Ali and I

Direction: Nadia Hotait, Laila Hotait
Screenplay: Nadia Hotait, Laila Hotait
Production company: Laaventura
Producer: Nadia Hotait, Laila Hotait
Cinematography: Karim Ghorayeb
Edition: Daniel Torrico, Nadia Hotait
Sound: Móskar, Laila Hotait
Music: Moskar
Artistic direction: Nadia Hotait, Laila Hotait
Cast: Amer Farroukh, Mariam Cheaib, Mohamed Cheaib, Nadia Hotait Performers: Bassam Hachim, Chadi Rahal,Daniel Chedid, Jean Nassif, Rabih Njeim, Ahmad Refae, Ali Hachim, Mamoud El Bassis, Youri Mat

Runtime: 09:40
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Arabic, Spanish
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Country: Mexico, Spain
Year: 2017

A fictional reenactment of a key event in Lebanese and Levantine contemporary History: the hijack of 39 hostages at the Bank of America in Beirut.


Revolutions per Minute festival | United States, Feb 2019
Guanajuato International Film Festival | Mexico, Jul 2017
Al Ard Doc Film Festival | Italy, Mar 2019
ARKIPEL International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival | Indonesia, Aug 2018
Lebanese Film Festival | Lebanon, Sep 2018 Best Experimental Film
PROTESTA Festival de Curtmetratges de Crítica Social | Spain, Oct 2018
Arab Film Festival | United States, Oct 2018
Directed by women | Spain, Sep 2018