Oro Rojo

Red Gold

Direction: Carme Gomila
Screenplay: Salma Amzian, Carme Gomila, Laia Manresa
Production company: SANMOR Desarrollo Empresarial SL (Novena Nube), Patricia Sánchez Mora (laudiovisual prod.)
Producer: , Patricia Sánchez Mora
Cinematography: Carme Gomila, Marielle Paon
Edition: Carme Gomila
Sound: Aurora Bauzà, Alejandro Castillo
Music: Aurora Bauzà
Animation: Odile Carabantes, Valeria Linera, Alba Feito
Artistic direction: Carme Gomila, Alba Feito, Odile Carabantes
FX: Alejandro Pachón
Cast: Laura Guiteras, Maryam Boussettaoui Bakhat, Fátima Chahbar

Runtime: 12:04
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Arabic, Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Country: Spain
Year: 2021

Red Gold is based on the protest of Moroccan women who pick strawberries in Huelva and builds a polyphonic account that appeals to the structural dimension of the conflict: migration policies, the fight against north to south global extractivism, racial capitalism... helping us to reflect on the conflict’s complexity and its representation.


FANTOCHE - International Animation Film Festival | Switzerland, Sep 2021
ANIMAGE - Festival Internacional de Animação de Pernambuco | Brazil, Oct 2021