La mochila perfecta

The Perfect Backpack

Direction: Nele Wohlatz
Screenplay: Nele Wohlatz
Producer: Nele Wohlatz, Sibylle Maurer-Wohlatz
Cinematography: Nele Wohlatz, Sibylle Maurer-Wohlatz
Edition: Gerardo Naumann
Sound: Sibylle Maurer-Wohlatz, Nele Wohlatz
Cast: Nele Wohlatz, Sibylle Maurer-Wohlatz

Runtime: 19:33
Format: Digital
Dialogues: German, Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Country: Argentina, Germany
Year: 2014

An ecologist from Germany and her filmmaker daughter who lives in Argentina meet in Cuba to film a documentary on snails. The mother has worked for years helping her colleagues in Cuba protect the polymita picta snails, which are facing extinction. She has her own ideas on how to make the documentary and the daughter follows her lead. However, when the authorities ban the shooting, the course of the film changes: it is no longer about the snails, but they themselves become the protagonists.