Direction: Aitor Echeverría, Carolina Alejos
Screenplay: Carolina Alejos, Aitor Echeverría
Producer: Mireia Ibars
Cinematography: Aitor Echeverría
Edition: Sergi Dies
Music: Omar Sosa
Cast: Nora Chipaumire, Souleymane Badolo

Runtime: 07:01
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Without dialogues
Subtitles: No subtitles
Country: Spain
Year: 2010

Hunger, loneliness and the will to survive push Fao to embark on a journey that will bring her face to face with her fears...


International Screendance Festival | United States
FESDECURTS Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Denia | Spain
Rushes Soho Shorts Festival | United Kingdom
FIC-Cat - Festival Internacional de Cinema en Catalá | Spain
International Festival of Videodance Il Coreografo Elettronico | Italy