El mur

The wall

Direction: Aitor Echeverría
Screenplay: Aitor Echeverría
Cinematography: Aitor Echeverría
Edition: Sergi Dies
Sound: Roberto Alonso, Aleix Cuaresma
Music: Andrea Torres
Cast: Joan Casaoliva, Felipe Yagüe, Joahn Volmar, Andrea Torres, Magí Serra

Runtime: 09:55
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Without dialogues
Subtitles: No subtitles
Country: Spain
Year: 2013

Five people trapped in a room without doors or windows, divided by a wall. Each one confronts it differently, however they are all bound by the same rules. The Wall is a film adaptation of the eponymous dance performance that premiered in late 2011 by the Mur Dansa Company. It is a danceability project involving five performers, three of them with visual disabilities.


Mediawave - International Film and Music Festival | Hungary
Odense International Film Festival | Denmark
CINEDANS - Dance On Screen | Netherlands
Festival agite y sirva | Mexico
Festival de Cine de Ponferrada | Spain