María Sol Fernández Prado


  • Κλεισαμε / Enclosed (2019)

Sol Prado

Carapachay, Argentina, 1985

Sol Prado (Nationality: Argentinian-Croatian) is an artist, activist and independent researcher born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Currently living and making art in residency at Hangar (Barcelona), participated in the art residency program Capacete - Documenta 14 (2017), Athens - Kassel researching about art and politics in relation with the Greek Economical and Migration crisis
Studied at the Independent Program Studies (MACBA), directed by Paul B. Preciado. Her works of art and collective research have focused on creating fictions (writing, performance, installations, workshops) through the use of ironic and parody procedures to dismantle, by intensification method, the perverse structure of the neoliberal paradigm.
Her collective research investigates the neoliberal subjectivity, the debt as a productive motor and pathologies as a consequence of the impossibility of exercising the pause.
She collaborates actively in the network The Errorist International and is a member of ActivaMent a self-managed collective of persons with psycho-social disabilities.