Martín Rejtman


  • Shakti (2019)
  • Dos disparos (2014)
  • Entrenamiento elemental para actores (2009)
  • Copacabana (2006)
  • Los guantes mágicos (2003)
  • Silvia Prieto (1999)
  • Rapado (1992)
  • Doli vuelve a casa (1986)

Martín Rejtman

Buenos Aires, 1961

Martín Rejtman studied film at the New York University. His first feature “Cropped Head” (1992) got him his first nomination to the Silver Leopard award at the Locarno Film Festival. Later, he directed “Silvia Prieto” (1999), “The Magic Gloves” (2003), the documentary “Copacabana” (2006), “Elementary Training for Actors” (co-directed with Federico León) (2008), and “Two Shots Fired” (2014).

During the past few years, there’ s been various retrospectives of his work (BAFICI; Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, California; Valdivia Film Festival; Harvard Film Archive; Jeonju International Film Festival, South Korea; Lincoln Center Film Society, New York, among many others).

Rejtman also is a prolific writer, having published “Cropped Head”, “Thirty four stories”, “Velcro and I”, the scripts for his 5 fiction features, “Literature and other stories”, the text to “Elementary Training for Actors”, and “Three Stories”.