Claudia Costafreda


  • Cardo (TV Series) (2021)
  • Benidorm 2017 (2019)
  • Néboa (2017)

Claudia Costafreda

Madrid, 1992

Claudia Costafreda graduated from ESCAC in 2016 with her final degree project, NÉBOA, a short film that won awards such as Best Short Film at the Huesca Festival and was selected at the Malaga Festival.

A year later, together with ESCAC films and the help of the ICAA, he shot BENIDORM 2017, his second short film, winner of Silver Biznaga for Best Short Film at the Malaga Festival.

She has worked as a screenwriter in VENENO, the series created by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, and produced by Buendía Estudios. Together with Ana Rujas, she is the creator of the series CARDO, winner of the Feroz Award for Best Dramatic Series, and Best Leading Actress, where she has also played the role of director.