Ángel Santos


  • Así vendrá la noche (2021)
  • M. (Manuel Moldes Pontevedra Suite, 1983-1987) (2015)
  • Las altas presiones (2014)
  • Fantasmas#2 (2012)
  • Dos fragmentos/Eva (2011)
  • Adolescentes (21 retratos filmados) (2011)
  • Fantasmas#1 (2009)
  • O cazador (2008)
  • Septiembre (Los amores jóvenes) (2004)

Ángel Santos

Pontevedra, 1976

Galician filmmaker active since 2002. He holds a degree in Art History and a diploma in film directing from the Centre d'Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya. Is the author of the short films SEPTIEMBRE (2004), O CAZADOR (2008), M. (2015), ASÍ VENDRÁ LA NOCHE (2021), and the acclaimed feature film LAS ALTAS PRESIONES (2014), among others. As a teacher, he has been involved for the last decade in the Cinema en Curs classroom education project. He is co-founder of Novos Cinemas, International Film Festival of Pontevedra, of which he has been the artistic director during its first five editions (2015-2019). He has given seminars for universities, art centers, and festivals; he has participated as an advisor in project development forums at the Malaga Festival, MECAS in Las Palmas, and FIDBA in Buenos Aires, and has been a jury member at international festivals such as FICX and FICUNAM.

© Photo by Isaura Docampo