Álex Montoya


  • La casa (2024)
  • Lucas (2021)
  • Asamblea (2019)
  • Vampiro (2016)
  • Lucas (2012)
  • Maquillaje (2011)
  • Marina (2010)
  • Como conocí a tu padre (2008)
  • Abimbowe (2008)

Álex Montoya

Valencia, 1973

He has written and directed several short films that have won more than 170 awards and hundreds of selections around the world, including a Goya nomination in 2014 for the short film LUCAS and a Special Mention at Sundance 2010 for CÓMO CONOCÍ A TU PADRE. In 2018 he directed his first feature film, ASAMBLEA, which won the awards for best feature film and best actor at the Alicante Film Festival 2019. Also in 2018, he directed his second feature film, LUCAS, which was released in cinemas in June 2021. In 2021, Lucas won the Silver Biznaga for Best Male Performance, Best Film and Audience Award at the Malaga Film Festival, Best Cinematography and Best Actor at the Alicante Film Festival, and Best Leading Actor at the Berlanga Awards.

In 2024 he released LA CASA, based on the graphic novel of Paco Rocay, which premiered at the Malaga Film Festival.