The Sheriff

Direction: Samuel Moreno Alvarez
Screenplay: Samuel Moreno Alvarez
Production company: Trópico Atómico Films
Producer: Luis Pedro Jamioy Juagibioy
Cinematography: Samuel Moreno Alvarez
Edition: Juan Alvarez Duran, David Aguilera, Samuel Moreno Alvarez
Sound: Juan Carlos Jamioy Juagibioy (directo) - Sebastian Alzate Clap Studio (Post)
Music: Proyección Kamentsa
Cast: Luis Fernando Juajibioy

Runtime: 26:00
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Spanish, Kamëntsá
Subtitles: English, French
Country: Colombia
Year: 2019

THE SHERIFF is a hopeful story of life. Fernando, a common Kamëntsá who has been elected as a Sheriff, must overcome his own dilemmas and choose between whether he really likes what he does or wants to return to his old life.


Visions du Réel - Nyon International Film Festival | Switzerland, Apr 2019
BOGOSHORTS - Bogotá Short Film Festival | Colombia, Dec 2019
Vilnius International Short Film Festival | Lithuania, Jan 2020
Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay | Uruguay, Apr 2020
FIDBA Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Buenos Aires | Argentina, Sep 2019
La Guarimba Film Festival | Italy, Aug 2020
Muestra Cine+video Indígena | Chile, Aug 2020
Native Spirit | United Kingdom, Oct 2020
Panorama du Cinéma Colombien de Paris | France, Oct 2020
Mostra Ecofalante de Cinema Ambiental | Brazil, Aug 2020 Special Jury Mention
Arica Nativa Rural Film Festival | Chile, Nov 2020