Direction: Vinko Tomicic
Screenplay: Vinko Tomicic
Production company: Color Monster
Producer: Álvaro Manzano Zambrana
Cinematography: Francisco Villa
Edition: Francisco Hevia
Sound: Christian Cosgrove
Music: Wara
Artistic direction: Javier Cuellar
Cast: Ruben Flores Lucana, Chelsie Zeballos, Leonardo Inofuentes, Julio Cesar Altamirano Mamani, Daniel Salas.

Runtime: 11:13
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Spanish
Country: Argentina , Bolivia , Chile
Year: 2018

In a very dark night at La Paz, Martin celebrates his fourteenth birthday with his shoeshine friends, who encourages him to flirt Sandra, a young female dancer who works at a nightclub. Between superstitions and a land that comes to life, their bodies will only be flesh under a few light flashes.

#Violence #SocialIssue #LatinAmerica #Outcast