Direction: Enric Rufas Bou
Screenplay: Enric Rufas
Production company: Enric Rufas PC
Producer: Nombre y apellidos productor/es: Susana Esteban Martínez
Cinematography: Oscar Durán
Edition: Fernando Franco, Cristina Laguna
Sound: Eva Valiño
Artistic direction: Stella Rubio
FX: Xavier González
Cast: Lolo Herrero, Ester Casanellas, Angel Roldán, Rocío Quesada, Jesús Esteban

Runtime: 21:06
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Spanish
Country: Spain
Year: 2015

Manel lives distressed by the unrelenting passage of time and by an irrational and unrestrained jealousy. Pain makes him bring all that suffering to the surface.

#Crisis #CatalanFilm

Year Festival Country Award
2015 ABYCINE - Festival de Cine de Albacete Spain