Una dedicatoria a lo bestia

A Wild Dedication

Direction: nucbeade
Screenplay: nucbeade
Cinematography: nucbeade
Edition: nucbeade
Sound: María Angulo, Clara Alonso
Music: Los Bárbara Blade
Cast: Clara Dios, Suss Serrán

Runtime: 10:45
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Country: Spain
Year: 2019

As if engaging in an archaeological task, A Wild Dedication presents different objects found in the Woman Welfare Agency’s headquarters in San Fernando de Henares, which was operational from 1944 to 1985. Can a space built for female sexual repression give out traces of rebellion forms? Which effective memory do these ‘souvenirs’ trigger and how can they be integrated into the historic account on the Franco regime, the Spanish Transition and the first years of democracy?


Márgenes Festival de Cine Independiente | Spain, Nov 2019
Festival de Málaga | Spain, Aug 2020
Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones de Barcelona | Spain, Jun 2020
CINESPAÑA Festival du Film Espagnol de Toulouse | France, Oct 2020
DC SHORTS Film Festival | United States, Sep 2020
Festival de Cortometrajes de Aguilar de Campoo | Spain, Dec 2020
ALCANCES - Festival de Cine Documental | Spain, Sep 2019 Best Short Documentary
CONOFEST - International (Short) Film Festival | Spain, Sep 2020
Luna de cortos - Festival internacional de cortometrajes | Spain, Jul 2020
Directed by women | Spain, Sep 2020
Pink Screens - Brussels Queer Film Festival | Belgium, Nov 2020


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Instituto Cervantes | Worldwide, Jul 2021 | Programa Te estoy amando locamente
Azkuna Zentroa | Spain, Jul 2020 | BideOtik. Atendiendo a otras narrativas audiovisuales