The Fallen

Direction: Pau Camarasa
Screenplay: Salva Rubio
Cinematography: Pau Camarasa
Edition: Pau Camarasa
Sound: Sean Plunkett, Jason Cullen
Music: Gonzalo Perales
Cast: Barry Ward, Natalia Kostrzewa

Runtime: 10:00
Dialogues: English
Country: Spain
Year: 2013

Boy meets girl, girl meets boy. But they barely have a few minutes to change their lives forever. To save them from themselves. So that nothing will ever be the same again. But it is now or never.

Festival Country
Festival Internacional de Cine de San Luis Potosí Mexico
FIC·Puebla Festival Internacional de Cine Mexico
Certamen Internacional de Cortos Ciudad de Soria Spain
Certamen de Cortometrajes Angelika Cinema Lounge Spain
Octubre Corto - Festival de Cine de Arnedo Spain
Festival de Cine de Toluca Mexico