Direction: Javier Kühn
Screenplay: Santiago Lallana, Javier Kühn
Production company: EVER FILMS
Cinematography: Cristina Pérez
Edition: Jesus Mancebón
Sound: Sergio López Eraña
Music: Vicente Miras
Artistic direction: Fernando Contreras
Cast: Emily Behr, Alexis Michalik, Ava Lovell

Runtime: 16:59
Dialogues: English
Country: Spain
Year: 2015

As everyone knows, disgrace loves company. When the soldier Leonardo Hubert decide to run away from the army across the desert, he find a nurse with a hidden gun inside of a truck. Surviving will become a priority so, the decisions of each of them will draw the thin line between life and death. However a third presence appears, much more fragile than both of them. And that changes everything.

Year Festival Country Award
2015 Cortogenia - Temporada de estrenos de cortometrajes Spain Best Sound
2015 Festival de Cortometrajes de Aguilar de Campoo Spain Best actress, Senior jury prize
2016 Semana de Cine Español de Carabanchel Spain 2nd award
2015 Urbanworld Film Festival United States
2016 Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo Spain
2017 International Istanbul Shortfilm Festival Turkey
2016 Festival Internacional de Cine del Valle del Guadalquivir - Meraki International Film Fest Spain
2015 Festival de Málaga. Cine en Español Spain
2015 Festival de Cine de Sant Joan Alacant - Concurso Nacional de Cortometrajes Spain
2015 Certamen Internacional de Cortos Ciudad de Soria Spain
2016 SKEPTO International Short Film Festival Italy
2016 Landshut Shortfilm Festival Germany
2016 ISLANTILLA Cinefórum Spain
2015 Festival de Cine y Vino "Ciudad de La Solana" Spain
2016 Festival de cortometrajes de Vinaròs Agustí Comes Spain
2015 Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes Ciudad de Ávila - AVILACINE Spain
2015 Octubre Corto - Festival de Cine de Arnedo Spain
2015 MadridCortoFest Spain
2016 Requena y... ¡Acción! Spain