Direction: Carlos Bouvier
Screenplay: Carlos Bouvier
Producer: Carlos Bouvier
Cinematography: Eduardo Helguera
Edition: Óscar Morillas
Sound: Arturo Fernández
Music: Terry Riley
Cast: Camila Bertone, Gema Santoyo, Gema Zelara, Javier Mejía

Runtime: 11:51
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Country: Spain
Year: 2011

Lola, the head of a temporary employment branch, receives a mysterious phone call late at night. Is her area manager that urgently needs to talk to her: the illegal dismissals are soaring with the corresponding compensation expense for the company. So either it saves the situation, or Lola branch will be closed.


Certamen Nacional de Cortometrajes "Posivídeo" | Spain
CURTOCIRCUITO - Festival Internacional de Cine | Spain
SINTETITZA - Festival de curtmetratges dels Pirineus | Spain
Redondela en curto | Spain
Festival Internacional de Cine de Almería | Spain
FESTIMATGE - Festival de la Imatge de Calella - Trofeu Torretes de Curtmetratges | Spain
Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes al Aire Libre "Ribadedeva en Corto" | Spain
Festival Internacional de Cine para la Diversidad - Andoenredando | Spain