Nervios de acero

Nerves of Steel

Direction: Colectivo Miriam Zamo
Production company: Open Media SL
Cinematography: Miriam Zamo Collective
Edition: Miriam Zamo Collective
Sound: Roberto Fernández, Luca Rullo
Cast: Barbara Mingo, Juan Garaizabal, María Pilar Molestina, Gabrielle Schulz, Raúl Alaejos, Irene Moncayo, Aitana Zaldua, Tirso Borrego, Guillermo Fornes, Alberto Reyes, Beatriz Navas, Luca Rullo

Runtime: 25:41
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Country: Spain
Year: 2022

The assembly of a sculpture of Juan Garaizabal generates a field of centripetal forces that attract various beings from subtle realms such as the imagination and the future. It was filmed during spring 2018. Nerves of Steel falls into the cinema's tradition on artistic creation with basic elements such as the sea, cigarettes, torches or lamb's brains to compose a hymn to inspiration and our species' evolution towards a future that brings back echoes of Newton, Goethe and Bachelard.