Minuto 200

Minute 200

Direction: Frank Benítez
Screenplay: Frank Benítez
Cinematography: Jorge Garcia
Edition: Jonathan Palomar, Frank Benitez
Sound: Julian Gomez, Carolina Fernandez
Music: Juan Pablo Marti­nez
Cast: Mercedes Mendez, Jose Ruiz

Runtime: 19:00
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Spanish
Country: Colombia
Year: 2011

Seventy-five year-old Orfa is sent a mobile phone and a letter by her son, who is unable to visit her. Resignedly, Orfa starts to sell off the 200 minutes that are on her mobile, putting the money towards the cost of her funeral. 200 Minutes is a poetic and melancholic reflection both on time and our inability to live life to the fullest in the company of those we love. The dazzling Orfa is resplendent in her beauty, while her neighbour and sprightly contemporary nourishes an affectionate wit.

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