Los hijos del Ayllu

The children of the Ayllu

Direction: Mario Torrecillas, Natalia Pérez Ramos
Screenplay: Mario Torrecillas, Natalia Pérez
Production company: La Combi (Arte rodante), PDA Films
Producer: Natalia Pérez, Mario Torrecillas, Teresa Castillo, Mario Torrecillas
Edition: Mario Torrecillas
Animation: Juan Pablo Lozano
Artistic direction: Emma Pumarola, Rafael García, Mark Pons, Marc Catimo, Unai Pérez, Natalia Pérez
FX: Natalia Pérez, Mario Torrecillas, Teresa Castillo

Runtime: 10:52
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Spanish, Quechua
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Country: Spain, Peru
Year: 2013

A group of boys and girls in the quechua village of Auquimarca (Andes, Peru) tell their own vision of his world and reality with images recorded and animated by themselves. An animated documentary at 3200 meters above sea, at the Andes.

Year Festival Country Award
2014 ANIMAC - International Animation Film Festival of Catalonia - Lleida Spain
2014 FICValdivia - Festival Internacional de Cine Valdivia Chile
2014 Festival de Cine Rural Arica Nativa Chile