Direction: Kangmin Kim
Screenplay: Kangmin Kim
Production company: Open The Portal, Studio ZAZAC
Producer: Micah Corby, David Braun, Kangmin Kim
Sound: Barrett Slagle
Music: Barrett Slagle

Runtime: 04:12
Format: Digital
Dialogues: Without dialogues
Subtitles: No subtitles
Country: Korea South, United States
Year: 2018

A father and a son both have the same big birthmark on their butt. Believing that the two birthmarks are connected, the son scrubs his father's birthmark to remove it – but he just can't get rid of it.

Only on the program:

Year Festival Country Award
2018 SXSW - South by Southwest United States
2018 Ottawa International Animation Festival Canada
2018 Sundance Film Festival United States